Holiday Gift Ideas 2020

Gift Ideas for your Gal Pals, Mom, or Sister Ranging from $50-$100.

  • Happy Box

I love happy box. You get to pick from 30 gift items, select a unique gift box, and then select the perfect card. They have items from corkcicle champagne “flutes” and “wine glasses” to socks, lotions, snacks, and tons of novelty items like Ruth Bader Ginsburg tea bags. If you have a best friend or a sister – this will be a cute gift.

  • This is _______ ‘s Hallmark Christmas Movie Watching Blanket

I am a complete sell- out for Christmas. One thing I do every year is watch Hallmark Christmas movies. Thus, the Christmas Movie Watching Blanket. I got mine on Etsy and I really like it. Another option, is you can go to to and take a family Christmas photo and have that made into a blanket as a special gift for someone.

  • Affordable Jewelry

a.) Tory Burch Bracelet –

It’s an affordable brand that almost everyone will wear. It’s just one of those brands that is universally liked and a lot of their pieces are just simple and can be worn at any occasion.

b.) Oak & Luna –

They’re real silver and real gold (some are gold – plated) pieces that you personalize or customize for the recipient.  It’s a great gift for a special occasion or even buy a nameplate for yourself.

  • Pick an Item off of Oprah’s Favorite Things List

You can head straight to Amazon and shop Oprah’s Favorite Things List. You’ll likely find a gift for your mom, sister, best friend, cousin, and Aunt on that list. Some of the items that stand out to me include: the Twelve AM Co. fluffy slippers, 54 Thrones beauty butter and Ayesha Currry’s cast iron dutch oven set. Honestly, there are so many other great items and a lot of the items this year come from small, black owned businesses (for example, the Pear Nova nail polish).

  • Olaplex Gift Set

There isn’t a woman alive who won’t ultimately be grateful for the Holiday Gift set from Olaplex. It’s a really great hair care system that works for ALL hair types. Their $60.00 gift set is a steal.

These are just a few options. I’m going to definitely do another one of these and see if I can find other gifts at as because it looks like that’s my situation this Christmas. I’ll also do one for guys. And please, if you have any go – to gifts, share in a comment or on my Instagram.

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