Size 16 Recreates Rhianna’s Looks Using Only Items In Her Closet

Rhianna has been heralded as a fashion icon since 2008 at least. She was one of the first mainstream, black songstresses that chose edgy and otherwise non-traditional looks.  So, when I decided that I wanted to re-create a celebrity’s “looks” – choosing Rhianna was a no – brainer. And thus, “Size 16 Re-Creates Rhianna’s Looks Using Only Items In Her Closet” was born.  

This was kind of low- hanging fruit and not exactly revolutionary blogging material, but I think there was enough merit in it to make it justifiable.

  • It is always interesting to see someone that is a size 16 recreate looks that work on a size 2.  And it is not just the difference in sizes but the difference in body types. For example, one of the looks that I was psyched to wear – looked terrible on me. 
  • For me, it was a really good way to revive some clothes that I was only wearing in one way.  AND it got me looking at shoes I no longer wear and trying to see how I can incorporate those into an outfit. It was almost like shopping in your own closet and realizing that you have more options than you think.
  • It is also on theme.  I know this blog seems like it is just a smorgish board of whatever I feel like writing about – but  it was meant to be both a creative outlet and a journal for the things I’m learning and thinking while  working on myself.  In my opinion, part of working on yourself includes your appearance and your clothes. A great outfit can make you feel so confident and pretty.

Also, if you can take a weekend and try doing something like this, I do recommend it. Especially, if you are considering signing up for one of those subscription services that styles you. First, try playing around in your closet and recreating looks you admire.

  • I don’t think it was a terrible re-creation. I would probably like it with the vest open or looser but I spilled foundation on my shirt and was trying to hide it. think it’s cute and not something I would’ve put together on my own.

The second Rihanna look is a classic one.

Underwhelming. I mean the re-creation is cute for what it is and this feels like an outfit I’ll coordinate when in between hair appointments.

The last look was totally something I’d wear.

Was this the groundbreaking work that it is going to get me closer to my goals – probably not, but I got to take a couple photos and feel pretty for an hour or two. Me -1, Depression-0 .

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