The Comeback (Part 3)

I’ve been stalling and avoiding writing another Comeback update. The push to begin this blog was both self- improvement and to develop a creative space where I could consistently push out written content that would help me improve as a writer, express my opinions, and serve as a way to legitimize trying a lot of new things that I would not have otherwise tried or done (example: whatever that Rihanna thing was, filming Youtube videos, or “consistently” posting on Instagram ).

I chose the name “HARPOGOALS” for my Instagram handle and as the name of this blog (the runner- up names were homebody and unsolicited) because I felt it encompassed the aim of this whole endeavor. Sure, I like Oprah as much as the next gal – but the purpose behind the name was to capture the spirit behind what I’m trying to do more so than it was an Oprah fan girl moment.

This entire project is a way to make good on my dreams before I allowed fear, rejection, or procrastination to take me on a detour. From an absurdly young age, I was really interested in magazines. These would include People, Ok!, Life & Style, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, etc. I would look at celebrities outfits or make- up and try to recreate the looks. If you know me now or from 2016 forward – that’s probably not what you’d expect I spent time doing. And if I wasn’t doing that, I was always looking at magazines and creating collages.

In addition to this weird obsession with magazines, I was also pretty outspoken. I loved goofing around and speaking in front of the class. That was all around the time that I would respond “Oprah” when family or friends asked me what I wanted to be. I can’t say that I was an Oprah “stan.” I was only in the 5th or 6th grade but I was cognizant enough to recognize that she was a TV personality and (even better) she had her own magazine. She wore more than one hat .

In later years I became more shy and that response morphed into “I want to be an author.” However, I didn’t even really know how one goes about writing a book. (Still don’t, but it’s on the to-do list).

As time passed and life happened, I didn’t have the guts or the follow- through to stick with what seemed like outlandish dreams. Instead, I opted for a more tried and true path. For me, becoming a lawyer seemed like a great fit for my curious nature and interest in writing. Further, serving in the role as an advocate is really worthwhile work.

However, dreams are irreplaceable. While they may not take the place of your day – job, there is something about the sense of fulfillment you’re left with when you realize that you went after it – that thing that you gave up on for whatever reason.

So, this blog is MY magazine as well as my accountability tracker. And it has been a bit more involved than I originally thought. If you were to ask me before giving this a try, I would have responded that I have these really interesting ideas or thoughts that I’d love to write and flesh out.

Since actually doing this, I’ve learned that I only use the same three transition words or phrases and that those ideas come a lot less frequently than I once thought. (I’ve maybe had one and I didn’t even publish the post because it wasn’t as novel an idea as I originally thought).

Nevertheless, I’m going to push myself to just write and get things out there – even if I have to be jolted by writing prompts or current events at first. That’s where I’m at with that and hopefully it provides more context for this blog that seems to just be trail mix (a bunch of stuff in a bag).

In terms of self- improvement, I don’t think it’s something that I can measure or even want to measure. However, I think that I’ve made a lot of strides in self – care and in processing shortcomings. I’d love to see myself working out more and this week will definitely be a make or break week for this diet that I cheated on from November 26th – 29th. Lastly, I’ve discovered this really dope Youtube channel – Rowena Tsai – YouTube that really helped me uncover a lot of reasons why I may not have always worked optimally in certain areas. This week I want to set attainable goals of: 1. Drafting out a Set of Systems to Support Reaching my goals (as noted by Rowen Tsai and taken from the author of Atomic Habits), 2. Read at least 20 minutes each day this week (will be starting Atomic Habits), and 3. Get back on this diet and intentionally work out.

There’s always so much more left to say and work on but I’ll leave some for additional posts this week and weeks to come. One hint – I will be working on pushing myself into either going the Youtube route or Podcast route soon. I don’t have a strong idea of what that will even look like but this should all either be interesting or humiliating and for me, both are a win.

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